French lessons with a personal touch

The French Language Connection offers French lessons at an affordable price. After 15 years in Minneapolis/St. Paul, we've moved to Athens, Georgia where we teach French in person and online. We pride ourselves in putting our decades of experience at your service and without long-term commitment.

Do you want to learn French because you're traveling? We can teach you pronunciation, useful phrases, and cultural dos and don'ts that will make your experience more enjoyable. Do you need to learn French for work? We can make this a fun experience. Whether you are a beginner or just want to improve your French conversational skills, we can help you. We also have great classes for children of all ages and even provide French tutoring for school.

The French Language Connection also offers the opportunity to spend one or more weeks in Paris with your own instructor speaking nothing but French. Just like we believe in personalized attention for French lessons, we believe that the best immersion program is one that offers individual lessons that are tailored to your needs and interests.

Because our approach is personalized, we'll never make you come to a school in bad weather and then leave you to get lost in a large impersonal class. And we won't make you follow a schedule or a book. You'll get your very own French class that makes learning convenient and fun.