Francoise duRivage has over 30 years experience teaching French.

Francoise duRivage has over 30 years experience teaching French.

Your personal language coach

The French Language Connection offers only private and semi-private lessons. Our personal approach means that you only pay for classes you attend. You'll never miss a lesson because you were traveling or sick, or attend a class you didn't have time to prepare for. And you won't have to play catch-up to the rest of the class because you were absent or because other students learned at a faster pace.

With the French Language Connection your first meeting is always FREE. You'll meet with your very own language coach, Françoise duRivage. Born and raised in France, Françoise has a PhD in French literature from Duke University and has been teaching for more than 30 years.

Better than a French tutor, Françoise is an experienced French teacher who'll spend your first meeting learning about you and your goals. She'll use this conversation to propose a program tailored to your needs or those of your child. This meeting will take place in a relaxed atmosphere at your home or a nearby café. After she has assessed your strengths, weaknesses, learning style, and personality, Françoise will suggest a program designed to you help you succeed.

Françoise will always find the best method for you. Whether you have one hour a week or several, she'll tailor your classes to your needs. Françoise knows what works and what doesn't and can assure you the most efficient and effective learning French learning experience.

Our prices are extremely competitive with the other language schools and teachers in the Athens area. While some French classes may seem less expensive, they often are not because large group classes move more slowly. You learn a language through communication, and by taking our private and semi-private lessons you'll have more opportunity to speak and listen in French.

The location of your meeting with Françoise and the amount of time you spend with her is up to you. You'll never have to drive through a storm to get to French class.

If you're ready to start learning French, click below to set up your first, free, meeting!