Make learning a special experience

Ciné Club

Love movies? Our ciné-club is a great way to practice your French by discussing films with fellow other French speakers. Best of all, it's free and open to all our students.

At each meeting, we choose a French movie that we'll discuss at our next session. Watch the on your own and prepare to discuss it in French. Students take turns writing questions in French about the movie. 

We meet once a month at each others' homes around refreshments. Everyone is welcome, whatever their level. Some talk a lot, others just listen until they're ready to speak. It's a great opportunity to socialize, to discover French movies, and to practice French in an informal setting.

Immersion Program

The French Language Connection offers the opportunity to spend one or more weeks in Paris speaking nothing but French. This is a unique opportunity. Most immersions are group programs, meaning that students spend much of their time abroad listening to their fellow students' incorrect French. Just like we believe in individual attention for French lessons, we believe that the best learning in an immersion program takes place with one instructor per student. Because we want our students to enjoy themselves, we will accept only qualified applicants. Please contact us for dates, prices, and to set up an interview. In addition to our week long immersion program, we also offer mini immersions of 3 days at the introductory price of $1500. 


Children's' Lessons

Françoise also has extensive experience teaching children of all ages in after school programs and also in private lessons. From kindergarten to high school she has helped children learn French in a fun way with games, songs, a wide variety of hands on activities.

Trip Preparation

If you wish to travel to France but don't have the time to learn French, The French Language Connection is there for you. Our instructor will teach you the basics of French pronunciation and grammar so that you can say anything you read in a phrase book. We'll also teach you expressions for the many of the situations you will encounter. And you'll discover French culture so that you can navigate situations in France with confidence. We'll also give you invaluable tips on living and traveling in France, including: how to take the subway, the train, and even how to deal with French bathrooms. If you are nervous about traveling to France and don't speak the language, you'll start your trip prepared, relaxed, and confident. Trip preparation takes 8 to 10 hours.